Vision Statement

Troop 738 is envisioned to be a troop...
  • that recognizes that young people come first
  • where scouts are given the opportunity to learn to lead and grow
  • where the chartered organization approves the leadership, and reaches out to 100% of the community
  • that accepts youth of diverse cultures and faiths and levels of ability
  • where mistakes are opportunities to learn
  • where the trail and lessons learned are more important than rank advancement or merit badges
  • where perfection is the goal toward which we strive, but not the standard against which we measure success
  • where lots of recognition is given to young people and volunteers for their accomplishments and for their efforts
  • where volunteers are welcome and encouraged, receive support, training, and have fun in accomplishing their tasks
  • where meetings and training sessions are fun and exciting
  • that reaches out to the community and makes alliances with other troops to allow our scouts to experience all levels of scouting